Ferry County Co-Op & Kettle Crust Bakery

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34 N Clark - Republic, WA 99166

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April 25th

​@ The Carousel


The following notice is to inform you that the Ferry County Co-op Annual Banquet Auction is cancelled by unanimous staff and board member opinion.  We will be focusing our attention on improving membership involvement, including the Annual Membership Event.  We will also be working hard on unfinished design projects, painting, building improvements and bringing back “The Newsletter”!! Sorry to all for any disappointment or inconvenience.  Stay tuned for a fun event this summer!  We will be refunding any prepaid tickets sold and will be accommodating with return of any items donated or keep them safely for our next event.

-Your Co-op thanks and appreciates you-

Attn. Members

Come in and talk with us! Positions are decided by member vote.